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April 7, 2010

Page history last edited by Zach Lanier 12 years, 7 months ago

Our inaugural meeting took place at Flash's Cocktails in the Back Bay. As we really didn't have a topic planned, Josh Abraham (jabra) gave us a micro-version of his "Synergy" talk, wherein he described a framework (of sorts) for automating/streamlining certain penetration tests (by getting tools to "talk" to each other).

Here were the rough notes from the meeting:



  •  The authoritative name servers for OWASP.org and OWASP.com loltastically offer zone transfers (and Tyler is wrong about the dig syntax :> I promise you, Tyler -- it does not work on my box. Wanna fight about it?)
  • Josh gave a brief version of his "Synergy" presentation, wherein he discussed some of the Perl code he wrote for parsing output from different tools to help with penetration tests
  • Flash's seems to be good for beer (food? Well, not so much for *me*), but a bit loud (surprisingly). Jim made an excellent observation about how the weather is getting "nicer" and that might lead to more people going out after work, which then yields LOUDER MUSIC. Otherwise, it seemed to work okay
  • Vulnerability disclosure is still funny and frustrating
  • We all want to get MassHackers shirts printed before BlackHat/DEFCON :>
  • Will almost left without paying. Jerk.


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