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MassHackers is a grassroots effort that aims to build a local community of hackers, especially those with an interest in computer security, and to provide them with a forum for the free exchange of information. Though this forum is accessible in many ways (wiki, mailing list, IRC, etc.), its most prominent and important manifestation is that of a recurring, physical, face-to-face meeting with members of the group. This meeting is typically held at a public venue, such as a bar or restaurant, so as to be accessible to anyone who is interested in participating.


The purpose of MassHackers presentations is to facilitate discussion and learning for both the audience and the presenters. This means that members shouldn't feel discouraged to present material that others may already be familiar with. The presentations are about sharing *whatever* it is you're doing and getting feedback just as much they're about anything else.


One of the core requirements of MassHackers is active participation, and group members are subject to expulsion for lack thereof. It should not be considered a *personal* judgment or criticism of a member if they are expunged from the group; nay, this is just to encourage discussion and contributions and keep only those who *actually* care enough to "do" rather than "observe" (some may find it heavy-handed, but [we] find it to be necessary).


There is another principal tenet of MassHackers that relates to the caliber, content, tone, and thoroughness of discussion: full disclosure. Beyond blatantly illegal, criminal, or dangerous (immediate threat to life/safety of self and others) acts, members should never feel reluctant or scared to discuss "grey" topics, e.g. (disclosure of) vulnerabilities, (anti-)censorship, exploit development, etc. The Chatham House Rule is in effect, by default, for all discussions in MassHackers meetings.


Note that we draw a significant amount of inspiration from AHA! (as in Austin Hackers; not A-ha, the Swedish band).

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